Best Android Games to play Offline

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Nowadays, a lot of android games depend on a mobile data connection. Whether you are downloading stuff from the server like clash of clans or using it for DRM protection like the most final fantasy games. It seems like every game is asking for the web connection for making the game to run. So, there are categories where you don’t need internet connection for best android games free offline.  These games can be perfect for long commuters and for wasting time when we are away from home. Below are the best android games to play offline.

Alto’s Odyssey

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When you play this game for the first time, you might think this is another endless runner. But when we keep on playing then only, you can realize there is something about it that makes it very hard to win. You can find ourselves relax as we can slide down sand dunes, jump to collect points, avoid obstacles, and perform backflips and double backflips for style bonuses. Although this game doesn’t bring any new, but this can be highly entertaining nonetheless.

Subway Surfers

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This is another interesting game for the android smartphones and no matter how much games you have played till now, but surely this game can surprise you. So, this game is about moving across the screen to accomplish the goal which is assigned to you and avoiding obstacles whether your controls are moving forward or backward.

 Smash Hit

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Smash Hit is of the most addictive games which can holds up as a good time while playing. It is very strange to call it a shooting but the game looks similar to that. So, this game requires to throw steel balls at glass objects and need to smash them into pieces. You need to build a chain of successful hits and taking out all glasses gives you bonuses, like increasing the number of steel balls you launch simultaneously for the best android games free offline. But this game doesn’t look as easy when you start playing.

Well, there are many games in the play store for best android games free offline where you can play whenever you want for wasting time and get experiences from playing these games. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about best android games to play offline. Thanks for reading!