Top 3 Sites to Download Free PC Games Legally

Gaming has found its feet in the world of entertainment today. According to a 2017 report, the $108.9 billion global game industry now attracts about 2.2 billion active gamers around the world.

However, there is no denying that, although these games are fun to play, some of the best PC games download require us to shed a few dollars before playing. Of course, they do. So much effort was put into the creating these games and it is only fair they get something for it. However, it can be really frustrating when you can’t afford them.

Well, what if I told you I know just how to download games for PC without paying a dime? Yes, there are a number of gaming websites that allow for free download games for PC with no time limits or genre restrictions.

While you won’t get a free pass on every premium game, these websites offer reasonable discounts on popular games. Therefore, making it easy to get your hands on premium games without paying a fortune.

You get access to everything for free (or at a very low cost) and with great visual quality too. Exciting, right?

Join me in the ride through these top 10 sites to download free PC games. Have fun!

If you want to learn how to record gameplay on your PC, follow the guide below:


Steam had got to be the undisputed champion of safe websites to download free PC games’ full versions for Windows 7, 10 and even Mac. Steam has been bridging the gap for over 13 years now and it still remains the best free game download website so far. Whether you decide to enjoy the fun alone or share with your friends, Steam has a wide range of free games to last you all year long. Here, you can find everything from action games to adventures, and every other genre in between. At no cost whatsoever, you can enjoy games like Deuterium Wars, Fluid Lander, Planes Attack, Jumping Master, Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Generations, World of Warplanes, and a truckload of other interesting games. Don’t miss out in the fun!

Good Old Games (GOG)

Indeed the good old days had some good old games. The good news is that you can find them and a slew of other free downloadable new games at the GOG free games section. In collaboration with Ubisoft, the website now holds the right to publish games from its catalog. GOG usually offers a 48-window for players like you to download premium games for free. You can expect at least two premium game giveaway every year. Besides that, you are also allowed access to an untold number of games without paying a dime. You can enjoy games like War for the Overworld: Crucible, Ultima 4: Quest of Avatar, Flight of the Amazon Queen, and so much more without putting out a buck.


Are you a big-time gamer looking for a place to download free games to keep you engaged and entertained. Then get in here! Origin is one of the largest websites that support free PC games download. What makes it different? It is backed by one of the biggest names in the global gaming industry – EA. Yes, EA! So, you are sure to lay your hands on all EA games right here. By just signing in to the website, you stand a chance of getting some of their many giveaways. Origin boasts a large inventory ranging from arcade to action, adventure, indie, racing, shooter, puzzle, flight, simulation, role playing, sports, and a load of others. Let’s go back to the Origin of fun. The fun never ends here!

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